🍬Kikis sweets!🍭

Come along with me on my adventures into the world of sugar babies and sex parties!

  • #3 “Nice work if you can get it.”
    My phone lit up, my heart jumped. I’ve been expecting this text all day! “I am on way.  I expect you to be in the position I say wearing underwear, heels and a blindfold please. Understood?” Fuck yes! I’m dead excited, hugely nervous and I’m struggling to roll my joint but fuck me am I […]
  • # 2 Dress for an interview
    Part two I look around me, taking in as much as I can…….tennis ball in the footwell, treats in the door pocket……”What kind of dog have you got?” I ask before I’ve even clicked my seat belt in place. This surprises him, I don’t think he expected me to be so sharp. He trys to […]
  • #2 “Dress for an interview”
    Part 1. “Dress for an interview?! Da fuck does that even mean?!”. Fifi and Bubbles both give me a blank stare and a shrug of the shoulders. After much panicked deliberation, Fifi and I decided on a knee length black pencil skirt, a lovely green chiffon shirt, an underbust corset belt, some killer ankle boots […]
  • The night before
    We’ve been texting all day! Hes such a tease. I asked him what he’d like me to wear…….sent him a few pictures of his options, he chose a cute little red number. Hope it still fits! I’m sat painting my nails, face mask on trying to decide what I’m gonna wear. I’ve been instructed to […]
  • #1 The first meet
    So we arrange to meet in a low key pub near where I live……..mostly because I’m lazy. He strongly suggested that I wear a little summer dress, so I pick a very short little white and cornflower blue dress with little shiny buttons that bulge at my tits just a bit. A deliberate tease on […]

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